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Healthy Smiles Begin with Champion Smiles

  Deepa Naik  BDS , DDS

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist

​Laser Technology:

The advent of lasers has helped us to expand dental procedures into the non-invasive realm. Beams of light can repair many of the problems that required knives and picks in the past. We use laser for soft tissue surgeries such as frenectomy (infants and children), tooth exposure, gum surgery, mucocele removal etc. With laser there is less post-operative pain and quicker healing.





​​Infant Frenectomy 

If your baby was born with a lip or tongue tie, it can affect every aspect of his or her overall health. Lip or tongue tie can interfere with nursing and eating, causing nutritional issues, and as your child develops, these problems can interfere with speaking as well.

Dr.Naik sees infants as early as a day after birth for the revision of abnormally attached labial frenum or lingual frenum and the procedure is done in the office. We make it a priority to fit in infants right away. Our goal is to support mom’s and babies with successful breast feeding.

For more information on Breast Feeding, click on the link --> www.nbci.ca

10 week old baby seen in the office for lip tie revision (photos taken by the parent )

      Pre-Surgery                                                       Post-Surgery

​​Adolescent Frenectomy​

Posterior tongue tie (10 year old healthy male diagnosed with posterior tongue tie. Patient received speech therapy at age 4 and still has lisping.Patient could not lift his tongue to the roof of the mouth, has speech issues and had difficulty eating certain kinds of food like licking ice-cream).Mom notices patient is able to pronounce words better.

             Pre-Surgery                                                   Post-Surgery

​​Dr. Naik also has expertise in other Pediatric surgical procedures 

Mucolcele removal on a 5 year old boy done in the office. Mucocele is the retention of Saliva in the lips mainly caused due to the Minor Salivary duct obstruction which forms into a bulb like swelling in the lower lip.

​           Pre-Surgery                                                    2 week Post-Surgery (photo taken by parent)

Gingivectomy (gum surgery) done on a healthy 15 year old. Patient complained of bleeding and painful gums and has heavy calculus build up causing inflammation and gingival hypertrophy. A meticulous oral hygiene regimen planned to help maintain the gingival health. Patient can't stop smiling now!!!

     Pre-Surgery                                                                                       2 week Post-Surgery(still healing in the inter dental papilla)